Virat Kohli goes back in time on 31st birthday, tells himself to love Dad

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Daily Post

Author 2019-11-05 15:15:00


Going back in time on his 31st birthday, Virat Kohli told his 15-year-old self to shower his late dad with lots of love, giving his warm hugs precedence over his refusal to buy the dreamy-eyed son a pair of shoes.imgAnd Kohli also tells the same West Delhi boy to savour those “parathas”, for he knows they will become “quite a luxury” in the years to come. And luxury they did become.These were among a plethora of thoughts that crossed his mind as Kohli turned 31 on Tuesday.img The batting maestro penned a letter addressed to his 15-year-old version, dedicating quite a bit of its content to his late father Prem Kohli.”I know you are thinking about those shoes dad did not give you today. They mean nothing when compared to the hug this morning or the joke he cracked about your height. Cherish this,” Kohli wrote in the letter he shared on his social media page.


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