Virat Kohli Receives Twitter Frenzy Over Identity Of Bhavesh



Author 2019-11-07 07:34:00


Virat Kohli has gotten everyone thinking about Bhavesh. The incident began after Virat Kohli was replying to all those who wished him on Twitter, and when he replied to Suresh Raina, he called him 'Bhavesh'. Twitterati caught on to that and started wondering who exactly is Bhavesh and why did Kohli refer to Raina as 'Bhavesh'.


Kohli turned 31 on November 5, and received wishes and greetings from fans, players, pundits, and even the Lord's and Adelaide cricket ground!

Kohli is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and has earned the reputation of being a great leader after a number of performances that have helped India win series, if not individual matches. Since he has started his international career, he has scored 21036 runs in 393 matches. In Test matches, he has scored 7066 runs in 82 matches, in ODI matches, he has scored 11,520 runs in 239 matches and he has scored 2450 matches in 72 matches.


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