Virat Kohli reveals inspiration behind fitness levels of Indian cricketers

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Author 2019-09-26 00:02:11


The fitness levels of Indian cricket players have risen to a whole different level in the last decade or so. From Indian skipper Virat Kohli to the pace bowlers, everyone has put their efforts into getting out their fittest versions on the field. The fitness regime has changed for the Indian cricketers. Now, the players brand six-packs while having a chiselled physique. Kohli, who is regarded as the torchbearer of Indian cricket team’s fitness levels, has revealed the inspiration behind the strict fitness routines that the players follow nowadays.

The Indian skipper said that the cricketers are constantly looking up to footballers for their discipline while stating having the fittest version of yourself is a requirement of the game to be at your absolute best on the field. Kohli, while citing the physical preparation, nutrition and rest periods of the footballers, said the Indian cricketers have learned a lot by watching them prepare their bodies day in and day out.


“We always look up to footballers for their discipline. It’s a requirement of the sport that you need to be at your absolute best to be able to take the field. Football players are very particular about professionalism, in terms of physical preparation, nutrition and rest periods. We learn a lot from them,” Kohli told Times of India.

When asked whether the fitness levels of cricketers and footballers can be compared or not, Kohli answered in negative while stating that only fast bowlers can match footballers to an extent in terms of endurance. Kohli further said that cricket is not a sport where you require optimum fitness levels as in football but if a cricketer can match that level of fitness then he or she will perform at another level.

“You cannot compare. I think the only people who can be compared to an extent in terms of endurance are fast bowlers. Cricket is not a sport which requires amazing physical endurance. Football is fast and played within 90 minutes where you have to be absolutely fit to take control of the situation. In cricket, the fitness level requirement is not as high (as football). But if you strive to be as fit as footballers, then you do things at a different level in cricket. That’s what we look forward to. If we take our fitness level higher, we will perform at another level. Footballers are way fitter than cricketers,” the Indian skipper further said.

From Jasprit Bumrah to Mohammed Shami, every cricketer in the Indian team have seriously followed their fitness routines and one can easily say the results that the Men in Blue have enjoyed on the field are a part of players’ hard work off the field.


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