Virat Kohli reveals the secret of success of Team India's fast bowlers, tell this truth

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Author 2019-10-09 07:08:07

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The bowling of Team India has been fantastic for the last few years. Whether the matches are on domestic pitches or foreign pitches, Indian bowlers have been successful around the world with their mix of fast and spin bowling. Taking 20 wickets in a Test match is no longer a challenging task for Team India's bowlers. In the Visakhapatnam Test, India beat guest South Africa by 203 runs. Team India captain Virat Kohli shared the secret of bowling success of Indian team for this win.

Bowler himself has brought change - Kohli

Describing the success of Indian fast bowlers on domestic flat pitches, Kohli said, "I believe that the changes that our fast bowlers have made in the last two years in their behavior and mental condition are fantastic." If the fast bowlers come out of the field then it seems that all this work will have to be done by the spinners. In such a situation, feeding them in the last XI is not justified. Now they try to contribute in India as well.

It is not that if there is an atmosphere of heat and humidity, they should give up. He definitely calls for a small spell, so that he can throw his 100 percent in the match, this is the necessary dialogue which is necessary from both the sides. I agree that he has done brilliantly while doing so for the team. This is all because of the perspective. Shami, Ishant, Jaspreet and Umesh are all doing all the necessary work that we want from them in the game. Even taking one or two wickets in a small spell helps the spinners, who are dominating the other end. This gives the team a little more relief. It is fantastic that our fast bowlers are eager to take wickets for the team even under adverse conditions.

SG ball improved

This time the SG ball is much better than the last time we played here (in the domestic season). It has been improved to some extent. We want this ball to remain strict for 80 overs. If it starts softening in 40–45 overs, then nothing will happen in the game. This situation is not ideal for Test cricket. The hard ball naturally bounces a little more.

This makes the batsmen difficult. We want to see this happen continuously. If not 80 then for around 60 overs, then the ball must remain tough. This will keep us consistent in the game. Bowlers keep coming towards you and making it difficult for you, then you have to be able to score runs. This is the real thrill and summary of Test cricket.

Ashwin and Jadeja are fantastic

Kohli said about the performance of key spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, "We always know that the game will be decisive only by going into the second innings." Both Jaddu and Ash (Jadeja and Ashwin) performed very well. In the first innings, Ashwin got us in the right position. The pitch was flat and he also got some boundaries. But, you also have to admit that we also scored 500 runs here. Hence there was no defect in the pitch. The truth is that Ashwin got us seven wickets in that innings which was the result of his brilliant efforts and in the second innings Jadeja gave us quick successes in his single spell.

On batsmen's performance

On the performance of Indian batsmen in the first Test, Kohli said, Rohit played well in both innings. Mayank was also brilliant with him in the first innings. He also started brilliantly in the second innings. Pujara played with the right rhythm, which created a platform for us that when we came to bat we were able to score a few extra runs, giving us a challenging target for the opposing team. It was a difficult task as the weather here was also challenging and the pitch was also slowing down.


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