Watch: Meg Lanning’s Unusual Experiment To Win Toss Against Sri Lanka



Author 2019-09-30 08:49:48


Losing or winning the toss is probably a matter of luck. There would not be a single individual in the world who can claim to win the flip of coin each and every time. Toss holds a very big importance in the game of cricket. The mere flip of coin can pretty much decide the outcome of the match and thus every captain wants to win the toss.

And thus to make sure that she wins the toss in the first T20I against Sri Lanka, Australia women team’s skipper Meg Lanning came up with an unusual idea. In the unusual and definitely first of its kind, another player tossed the coin behalf of the captain. Lanning hilariously brought Alyssa Healy for the toss.

The experiment worked as Australia won the toss, much to the delight of Lanning. After the toss, Lanning came forward to talk to the commentator while Healy ran away while celebrating.

Here is a video of that toss:


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