What does RPS mean in cricket as the fifth Ashes Test gets underway?



Author 2019-09-12 13:15:00


The final Ashes test gets underway today at the Oval but it’s already too late for England to claim victory.

They are unable to take the Ashes away from Australia after losing the fourth Test last week.

It will be the first time that Australia will leave England with the prize since 2001 after securing the 185-run victory at Old Trafford on Sunday.

As the players prepare for the fifth test, here is everything that you need to know about RPS and what it stands for.

What does RPS mean in cricket?

The RPS meter is something that many cricket viewers have spotted during the games between England and Australia.

RPS stands for revolutions per second and refers to the number of times that the ball revolves in the air each second after it has been thrown by the bowler.


Some cricket fans are keen to keep track of the stats and it can show the tactics of the bowler, as a higher RPS usually means that the ball is likely to move sideways.

The spin of the ball can make it harder for the batsman to hit the ball cleanly and it is a common bowling technique.

How to watch fifth Test of the Ashes

Day one of the fifth Test of The Ashes is scheduled to start at 11.00 on Thursday 12 September.

Live coverage from Oval will be shown on Sky Sports Main Event from 10.00.


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