When asked Rohit - Which bowler are you afraid of in world, see

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Author 2019-09-28 10:06:27

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Friends, you will know as the Indian team played a series of 3 T20 matches recently from South Africa cricket team that visited India, in which both teams won one match and one match was rained, the series of which The result was finally on par

The Indian team is going to play a Test series of some matches from South Africa, the first match of which will be played from October 2.

Let me tell you that as the team has been announced for the Test matches of the Indian team, in which some new players have also been included, it is a matter of pleasure that Rohit Sharma was played as an opener batsman in this Test series. can go.

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So friends, today we are going to talk about Rohit Sharma in this article, recently Rohit Sharma was called in an interview, in which he was asked a lot of questions, which he easily answered.

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Meanwhile, a journalist asked Rohit Sharma that what bowler do you fear in the world, so friends, let us know the answer given by him

Answer given by Rohit Sharma.

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He replied that in the world I am not afraid of any bowler, but the dangerous bowler of the Indian team, Mohammed Shami is an excellent bowler. And he needs to see and play, Mohammed Shami is a great bowler of the Indian cricket team. Mohammad Shami bowls very well. This answers. That Rohit Sharma bats without fear in the field. So here is what Rohit Sharma said during his interview.

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