Who would break Chris Gayle's world record of 534 sixes ? See here.



Author 2019-10-21 15:06:25

To read the news related to cricket and sport, you must follow our channel because we always bring such tremendous news for you. There are many excellent records in the cricket world. Former West Indies team's former opener and explosive batsman Chris Gayle holds the record for most sixes in international cricket. He is considered the greatest fearless batsman in cricket history. He used to open his account more often from the boundary. He has played many explosive innings in cricket history. All the players were afraid to bowl in front of him. He was adept at hitting sixes continuously. All of them used to beat the bowlers with disdain.

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He has hit the most sixes in international cricket. Gayle played 462 matches, scoring 19321 runs at an average of 38.79. During this time, 534 sixes came out of his bat.

Today I am going to tell you about such a batsman who can destroy the record.

He is none other than Rohit Sharma, the hitman of the India cricket team. He has played 341 matches in international cricket, scoring 1456 runs at an average of 43.32. During this time, his bat hit 371 sixes. 163 sixes are needed to break the master record of Gayle.

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