Why did Don Bradman retire after playing so few matches? Know the truth.



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Friends, in this article today, we are going to talk about Bradman, the great player of the cricket world, let us know all the information. For complete information, read this article till the end.

The master blaster of the Indian team, Sachin Tendulkar, once asked Sir Don Bradman a question in an interview. What would be your average if you played with the current generation? And Don Bradman said it would have been 70. But why 70? "O, 70's average is not bad for a 90-year-old man", was his response to "Sachin :)"

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Don Bradman's retirement:

The legendary Don Bradman was 40 when he retired from Test cricket and was physically at his peak. He opted to retire at the peak of his career - leading the Australian tour for the England team. The Australian team did not play any more Test for more than a year, 1949 tour of South Africa in 1950 when he was 41 years old. And there is no way that he nor anyone around him would have entertained people by playing in person.

When Don Bradman started what would be his final innings, he had no idea of ​​the imminent landmark. Technically he still had one more inning to get, although the Australian team had a big first innings and won the Test by an innings.

Subsequently, there were very few Test matches in those days. And as someone has pointed out, the Australian team played its next Test almost a year later.

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Although more than that, I think World War 2 took a lot from Bradman. He was forced out of the army - due to remarkably poor eyesight - his battle record was the subject of personal splattering by his opponents, and he suffered from health problems. Although he resumed playing in 1945 to 1946, his involvement in the next season's Ashes was almost a subject of daily newspaper speculation and far from guaranteed. By the time England went on the set, Don Bradman had recovered from a shoulder injury, although gastritis left him in a rocky light.

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During the first Test of the 1947 Ashes series from 1946, Wally Hammond caught Don Bradman early, though Don Bradman thought it was a ball. Hammond later commented "a fine f *** way to start a journey." Don Bradman continued batting and had scored 187 runs to save his career.

As any player worth their salt would repeat - "It's always good when people ask 'why' instead of 'when'.

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