Why England shouldn't try to change Jofra Archer

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Author 2019-09-16 18:40:00


Two of the most entertaining cameos in the Ashes came with a quality of eyeballing a boxing promoter would envy. The pugnacious, verbally incontinent Matthew Wade squaring up the taller, much less garrulous Jofra Archer had crowds roaring their approval.

Archer vs Wade was a comical but also classically intense subplot to the last two Tests. In the first episode, at Old Trafford, Wade turned to take a second run and found Archer’s glaring presence blocking his path. Daunted and discombobulated, Wade hit reverse gear and scurried back to his crease. At The Oval, Australia’s last-innings centurion was not willing to climb down a second time and bustled up the pitch to meet the advancing Archer...

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