Will Ganguly Get A Full 3 Year Term? BCCI To Propose Amendments



Author 2019-11-10 14:37:00


Sourav Ganguly has made his charismatic presence & administrative skills felt, as the BCCI is all set to propose amendments in its AGM in Mumbai on Dec 1, which may allow him to continue as its President for a full term of 3 years. If Ganguly's "cooling off" period (which restricts his term to 10 months) was amended then it has to be sent to the Supreme Court for its clearance. The second point of the six-point agenda of the BCCI amendment proposal, a copy of which is with Republic TV, deals with the term & cooling period of office bearers of the BCCI including its president.

"The cooling off period applied finally in the BCCI Rules takes into account whether a person has held a post for 6 years in both the member association and the BCCI. This restriction is proving to be a big blow to selecting talented and experienced hands.

"This also affects the continuity of the individual''s ability to serve in administration unnecessarily. Hence, cooling off can be restricted to BCCI and the member state, respectively.


The proposed rule reads: "A President or Secretary, who has served in such position for two consecutive terms in the BCCI, shall not be eligible to contest any further election without completing a cooling-off period of three years. "During the cooling-off period, such ''office-bearer'' shall not be a member of the Governing Council or of any committee whatsoever of the BCCI. The expression ''President'' or ''Secretary'' should not be permitted to be circumvented by being a member of any other committee or of the Governing Council in BCCI, as the case may be."

The six-point amendment proposals were intended to rework certain regulations, not in line with the suggestions of the Lodha Panel as approved by the Supreme Court. The first pointer related to the need to approach the SC for approval for every change made, which the officials feel is not feasible. The third point related to the disqualification of members. The officials feel that in the current scenario, lack of experience will be a huge issue, especially in representing the BCCI in the International Cricket Council (ICC). The fourth point is related to the position of the Secretary. The office bearers feel that currently, the position of the secretary needed a re-look. Finally, the new office bearers feel that the daily administration has been handed to the CEO and powers should be returned to the office-bearers.


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