Witty Ben Stokes Makes Fun Of Cuss Word Used By Rohit Sharma On Cheteshwar Pujara

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Author 2019-10-05 17:05:10


More often than not, in the game of cricket, we come across the Indian cricketers using the cuss word ”B********” whenever they get irritated or excited on the field. It was more famous for Virat Kohli, as he was the one, who uses it the most. Funnily, the pronunciation of that word suits Ben Stokes, who often gets tagged for the same. Once again, he was on the news when Rohit Sharma used the word to Cheteshwar Pujara.

Puji Bhag Bhen***** – Rohit Sharma to Cheteshwar Pujara

During the Day 4 of the Test match when Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara was playing in the middle, the duo were in miscommunication to take a single. While Pujara failed to give the constant call, the irked Rohit Sharma yelled at Pujara with frustration, as the Mumbai batsman was middling the ball brilliantly.


In the 25th over, Rohit hit the ball and wanted to take a run, but Pujara stayed put which may have pissed of Rohit. Rohit was soon heard screaming ‘Puji Bhag bhen***d‘ as it was caught on the stump mics. As usual, the video went viral in social media and the England cricketer Ben Stokes got tagged to it by a few fans.

Meanwhile, the all-rounder from England tweets wittily saying that it was Rohit Sharma, who used his name rather than Virat Kohli. He also clarified the fans that they know what he is speaking about.

Digging into his tweet, it read ”This time it’s Rohit not Virat….if you know you know.”

It has been a scintillating Test match for Rohit Sharma at Visakhapatnam. The flamboyant batsman showed why he belongs to the opening slot in any format of the game. He smashed a beautiful 176 in the first innings and also carried his good form in second innings as well. During the course, he broke quite a few records as an opener.


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