Wives of these 3 Team India players are more qualified than them, no.1 is only 10th pass

Best of Cricket

Best of Cricket

Author 2019-09-29 15:42:56

Most of the professional sportsperson are not able to devote much time to their studies. Let's have a look at wives of those 3 Team India players who are more qualified than them:

No.1 - Anjali Tendulkar

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Sachin became professional player in his teenage only and thus couldn't study beyond 10th standard. His wife Anjali is a Doctor in comparison.

No.2 - Anushka Sharma

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Team India captain Virat Kohli is just 12th pass while his actress wife Anushka Sharma is a graduate.

No.3 - Sakshi Dhoni

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Dhoni did his studies from Ranchi based school. He was a ticket collector before becoming Team India player. His wife Sakshi in comparison has done graduation in Hotel management. So guys what are your views on the above story? Stay connected and do share your thoughts in the comment section.


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