Yuvraj Singh's Six 6s 12th Anniversary: A Glorious Throwback To Yuvi



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Exactly 12 years ago on September 19, 2007, history was made. Indian cricket legend, Yuvraj Singh recorded his fastest 50 during ICC T20 World Cup 2007. The match took place between India and England at Kingsmead, Durban. The unstoppable Yuvraj hit sixes on every ball that was delivered to him by England pacer Stuart Broad.

On this day, Yuvi marked himself as the second player in international cricket to hit six 6s in one over after South Africa's Herschelle Gibbs. The match took an interesting turn when the all-rounder started smashing every ball delivered by Stuart Broad outside the boundary. It was Yuvraj's moment to shine. The all-rounder kept the charge to himself by hitting six after six confusing the fast bowler.

Before Yuvi's awesome gameplay, he got into a verbal argument with English all-rounder Andrew Flintoff. Instead of continuing the argument with Flintoff, Yuvi chose to remove his aggression on the field. As we all saw what happened next, it is proof that Yuvraj Singh is not someone you mess with. Yuvi scored his fastest 50 in just 12 balls making it his best innings ever.

Highlights Of Stuart Broad's Over Which Went For 36 Runs

In the 19th over of the match, Stuart Broad bowled his first ball at mid-length. As soon as the ball touched the bat, Yuvraj hooked it over mid-wicket and it was already in the air. The speed of the ball was 133KPH. Broad while bowling the second delivery chose the same length, Yuvraj flicked it off towards square leg. Broad's delivery wasn't bad but Yuvi opened his stance slamming the ball outside the stadium.

It was a thrilling environment as Yuvi hit three 6s in a row. While trying to bowl around the wicket, Broad ended up bowling a full-toss. Yuvraj utilised the opportunity of guiding the ball outside the boundary line. The commentators were amazed by Yuvi's awesome gameplay. It was time for the 5th ball to come. Stuart Broad decided to bowl a mid-length delivery to confuse Yuvraj Singh. The all-rounder went on one knee hitting the ball towards square leg and it went for a six.

The excitement throughout the stadium was through the roof. Would Yuvraj Singh be able to hit a 6 again? People could see confidence in Yuvraj Singh's eyes. It was the moment we all were waiting for - the 6th six of the over. The fast bowler charged in again, Yuvraj opened his stance and slammed the ball to long-on. Yuvraj effortlessly hit the ball in the air and it went for a record 6th six. This is when the stadium echoed with cheer and claps. Yuvraj Singh walks towards Dhoni with joy and they both shared a fist bump. India won the match by 18 runs.

It is still the fastest half-century of the tournament. Yuvraj Singh is the second Indian batsman to hit six 6s in one over after current Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri.


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