Zaheer Khan Remarks Hardik Pandya As A Game Changer

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Author 2019-09-26 16:02:01


Zaheer Khan believes in Hardik Pandya and considers him as a key player in the Indian team. The all-rounder has given a decent performance for the Indian team. Hardik Pandya made his debut in the Indian team in 2016. Since then the player has improvised his style and given good output.

Pandya has played 54 ODIs and 40 T20Is for India. Both as a batsman and as a bowler, he has proven beneficial in the matches. Zaheer Khan remarked that Pandya works hard to maintain his consistency. Zaheer views that if the allrounder practice more and more he can become the perfect player for India.

“Hardik has spent enough time working towards it (power-hitting). First and foremost, he is someone who likes hitting a lot of balls in the nets and work towards achieving consistency in his power-hitting. Over and above that, you have got to have the basic power-hitting ability, which he has. The practise makes it perfect,” Zaheer told.


Hardik Pandya changes the balance of the team

Hardik Pandya is an added advantage to the team, remarks Zaheer. The player is preparing for the next year.

“He does change the balance of the team, and that’s the balance which we were talking about. So, if a team has that kind of option, it really gives the side the luxury to play an extra bowler or an extra batsman. You can use his services as just a pure batsman and then add a specialist bowler, or you can just look at him as someone who will give you those four overs. And then play an extra batsman,” added the 40-year-old.

Pandya was given a break after the . He didn’t play in the West Indies tour and was given rest for the whole series. The middle-order batsman was given place in T20I series against South Africa but is given rest from the longest format.


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